Cardiovascular dynamics inCrocodylus porosus breathing air and during voluntary aerobic dives

  title={Cardiovascular dynamics inCrocodylus porosus breathing air and during voluntary aerobic dives},
  author={G. Grigg and K. Johansen},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology B},
SummaryPressure records from the heart and out-flow vessels of the heart ofCrocodylus porosus resolve previously conflicting results, showing that left aortic filling via the foramen of Panizza may occur during both cardiac diastole and systole. [...] Key Result Filling of the left aorta during diastole, identified by the asynchrony and comparative shape of pressure events in the left and right aortae, is reconciled more easily with the anatomy, which suggests that the foramen would be occluded by opening of…Expand

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