Cardiovascular Pharmacology of the Vasodilator‐Cardiotonic Agent, 349U85

  title={Cardiovascular Pharmacology of the Vasodilator‐Cardiotonic Agent, 349U85},
  author={R. Steffen and W. Wastila},
  journal={Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology},
Summary: 349U85 is a chemically novel, nonglycoside, noncatecholamine cardiotonic-vasodilator agent with a unique cardiovascular profile in vitro and in vivo. 349U85 and milrinone, 10-6to3 x 10-5 M each, produce concentration-dependent increases in tension development of 33–60% and 37–60%, respectively, with corresponding 5–18% and 17–55% increases in contractile rate, respectively, in guinea pig spontaneously beating isolated paired atria. In anesthetized dogs, 349U85 at 0.03–1.0 mg/kg i.v… Expand
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