Cardiotoxicity of anticancer treatments: Epidemiology, detection, and management.

  title={Cardiotoxicity of anticancer treatments: Epidemiology, detection, and management.},
  author={Giuseppe Curigliano and Daniela Maria Cardinale and Susan Dent and Carmen Criscitiello and Olexiy Aseyev and Daniel J. Lenihan and Carlo Maria Cipolla},
  journal={CA: a cancer journal for clinicians},
  volume={66 4},
Answer questions and earn CME/CNE Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the industrialized world. Modern treatment strategies have led to an improvement in the chances of surviving a diagnosis of cancer; however, these gains can come at a cost. Patients may experience adverse cardiovascular events related to their cancer treatment or as a result of an exacerbation of underlying cardiovascular disease. With longer periods of survival, late effects of… CONTINUE READING
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