Cardiorespiratory effects of inelastic chest wall restriction.

  title={Cardiorespiratory effects of inelastic chest wall restriction.},
  author={Jordan D. Miller and Kenneth C. Beck and Michael J. Joyner and Abigail Brice and Bruce D. Johnson},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={92 6},
We examined the effects of chest wall restriction (CWR) on cardiorespiratory function at rest and during exercise in healthy subjects in an attempt to approximate the cardiorespiratory interactions observed in clinical conditions that result in restrictive lung and/or chest wall changes and a reduced intrathoracic space. Canvas straps were applied around the thorax and abdomen so that vital capacity was reduced by >35%. Data were acquired at rest and during cycle ergometry at 25 and 45% of peak… CONTINUE READING


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