Cardiopulmonary recirculation in dialysis. An underrecognized phenomenon.

  title={Cardiopulmonary recirculation in dialysis. An underrecognized phenomenon.},
  author={Daniel Schneditz and Hans Dietrich Polaschegg and Nathan W. Levin and G A Cu and A Daniel K. Kido Thomas W. Morris and Matthias Kraemer and John T. Daugirdas and Allen M Kaufman},
  journal={ASAIO journal},
  volume={38 3},
Access recirculation can be determined by measuring blood temperature or blood water concentration in the dialyzer inlet after injecting a bolus of cold saline into the venous line. In patients with access recirculation, some of the cooled venous blood re-enters the blood inlet line soon after injection, resulting in a sharp transient drop in its temperature. There is also a prompt increase in blood water concentration at the dialyzer blood inlet caused by the dilution effect of the… CONTINUE READING
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