Cardiopulmonary effects of desflurane in cats.

  title={Cardiopulmonary effects of desflurane in cats.},
  author={Rose M McMurphy and David S Hodgson},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={57 3},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cardiopulmonary effects of 2 anesthetic planes of desflurane (DES) during spontaneous ventilation (SV) and controlled ventilation (CV) in cats. DESIGN Repeated Latin square. ANIMALS Eight healthy adult cats. PROCEDURE Each cat received 1.3 times the minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of DES and 1.7 MAC of DES in oxygen during CV and SV. The data were analyzed as a repeated measures design. Heart rate, cardiac output, arterial blood pressure, pulmonary artery… CONTINUE READING


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