Cardiopulmonary bypass and the pharmacokinetics of drugs. An update.

  title={Cardiopulmonary bypass and the pharmacokinetics of drugs. An update.},
  author={Walter A. Buylaert and Luc L G Herregods and Eric P Mortier and Marc G. Bogaert},
  journal={Clinical pharmacokinetics},
  volume={17 1},
Cardiopulmonary bypass is accompanied by profound changes in the organism that may alter the pharmacokinetics of drugs. Drug distribution can be altered, for example, by changes in blood flow and by haemodilution, with a decrease in protein binding; a decrease in the elimination of some drugs can be caused by impairment of renal or hepatic clearance, due, for example, to lowered perfusion and hypothermia. The subject was reviewed in the Journal in 1982, and the emphasis of the present review is… CONTINUE READING


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