Cardiomyopathy in children in Ahmedabad.

  title={Cardiomyopathy in children in Ahmedabad.},
  author={V K Gandhi and Sandeep Dalal and Jitendra R. Sharma and Sundeep Vani},
  journal={Indian journal of pediatrics},
  volume={58 5},
A clinical study and follow up of 20 children with cardiomyopathies upto age of 16 years are presented. The DCM was most common variety followed by RCM and HCM in pediatric age group. SHMD presenting with cardiomyopathy were common in infancy and early childhood. Cardiomyopathies presented most frequently between 2-5 years and 10-16 years age group with DCM having almost equal distribution. Clinical presentation of various types is described, despite of vigorous decongestive and vasodilator… CONTINUE READING