Cardiomyocyte-restricted deletion of connexin43 during mouse development.

  title={Cardiomyocyte-restricted deletion of connexin43 during mouse development.},
  author={Dominik Eckardt and Susanne Kirchhoff and Jung-sun Kim and Joachim Degen and Martin Theis and Thomas Ott and Frank Wiesmann and Pieter A. F. M. Doevendans and Wouter H. Lamers and Jacques M. T. de Bakker and Harold van Rijen and Michael H. Schneider and Klaus Willecke},
  journal={Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology},
  volume={41 6},
Although the gap junction protein Connexin43 (Cx43) is expressed in various cell types during embryonic development, mice with a global inactivation of Cx43 survive until birth but die perinatally due to an obstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract of the heart. To analyze the functional role of Cx43 gap junction channels in cardiomyocytes of the… CONTINUE READING