Cardiac vascular hamartoma in two slaughtered cattle.

  title={Cardiac vascular hamartoma in two slaughtered cattle.},
  author={Akihiko Sugiyama and Kiyokazu Ozaki and Takashi Takeuchi and Isao Narama},
  journal={Journal of comparative pathology},
  volume={136 2-3},
Two cases of cardiac vascular hamartoma were detected in slaughtered cattle. In each case, a single nodular protrusion (ca 2.5 cm in diameter) was located in the same part of the right atrium. Tortuous vessels of variable size with irregular lumina were seen on the cut surface of each nodule. Microscopically, there were many dysplastic vascular structures within the nodules. The vascular structures showed various changes such as irregular thickening of the tunica intima and the tunica media… CONTINUE READING