Cardiac sympathetic dysfunction in haemodialysed patients.

  title={Cardiac sympathetic dysfunction in haemodialysed patients.},
  author={Beata Ewa Chrapko and Grzegorz J. Staśkiewicz and Iwona J Baranowicz-Gąszczyk and Andrzej Książek},
  journal={Nuclear medicine review. Central & Eastern Europe},
  volume={15 1},
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the cardiac sympathetic nervous system function in haemodialysed(HD), non-diabetic patients by iodine-123 meta-iodo-benzylguanidine(123I-mIBG). MATERIALS AND METHODS Planar scintigraphy of the chest was performed in 36 HD, male patients; 15 minutes and 4 hours post injection of 370 MBq of 123I-mIBG. The semi quantitative analysis of myocardial tracer uptake was expressed as routine heart to mediastinum (H/M) ratio: 15 minutes (early H/M) and 4… CONTINUE READING