Cardiac rehabilitation participation predicts lower rehospitalization costs.

  title={Cardiac rehabilitation participation predicts lower rehospitalization costs.},
  author={Philip A. Ades and Di-yu Huang and S O Weaver},
  journal={American heart journal},
  volume={123 4 Pt 1},
The effect of participation in cardiac rehabilitation on medical costs was determined by measuring hospitalization charges for cardiac admissions over a 3-year period in 580 post-coronary event patients (58% after coronary bypass surgery, 42% after myocardial infarction), of whom 230 entered a cardiac rehabilitation program and 350 did not. Baseline left ventricular ejection fraction was similar in entrants and nonentrants (59.9% vs 59.5%). Over the 1 to 46-month follow-up period (mean 21… CONTINUE READING
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