Cardiac rehabilitation after myocardial infarction in the community.

  title={Cardiac rehabilitation after myocardial infarction in the community.},
  author={Brandi J Witt and Steven J. Jacobsen and Susan A. Weston and Jill M. Killian and Ryan A. Meverden and Thomas G. Allison and Guy S. Reeder and Veronique Lee Roger},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
  volume={44 5},
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine participation in cardiac rehabilitation after myocardial infarction (MI) by age and gender and the association of participation with survival. BACKGROUND Lesser participation in cardiac rehabilitation has been reported for women and the elderly. METHODS All incident MIs in Olmsted County were validated. Baseline characteristics and outcomes were ascertained from the medical record. Logistic regression examined the association between… CONTINUE READING