Cardiac mouse lymphatics: developmental and anatomical update.

  title={Cardiac mouse lymphatics: developmental and anatomical update.},
  author={Aleksandra Flaht-Zabost and Grzegorz Gula and Bogdan Ciszek and Elżbieta Czarnowska and Ewa Jankowska-Steifer and Maria Madej and Justyna Niderla-Bielińska and Dorota Magdalena Radomska-Leśniewska and Anna Ratajska},
  journal={Anatomical record},
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The adult mouse heart possesses an extensive lymphatic plexus draining predominantly the subepicardium and the outer layer of the myocardial wall. However, the development of this plexus has not been entirely explored, partially because of the lack of suitable methods for its visualization as well as prolonged lymphatic vessel formation that starts prenatally and proceeds during postnatal stages. Also, neither the course nor location of collecting vessels draining lymph from the mouse heart… CONTINUE READING