[Cardiac metastasis of bronchial squamous cell carcinoma].


Secondary location of lung cancer are frequent but the location heart is rare and often diagnosed postmortem. We report a case of a patient of 67 years without disease history, individuals smoking outside a chronic carrier of bronchial squamous cell carcinoma and the staging of which finds a secondary location within the left atrial. Through this observation, the authors propose an update on this rare and exceptional location.

DOI: 10.1016/j.pneumo.2011.11.001

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@article{Herrak2012CardiacMO, title={[Cardiac metastasis of bronchial squamous cell carcinoma].}, author={Laila Herrak and Mohammed Bouchikh and Mehdi Maidi and Hicham Fennane and Fahd Ouchen and Ali Benosmane}, journal={Revue de pneumologie clinique}, year={2012}, volume={68 4}, pages={253-6} }