Cardiac function-related gene expression profiles in human atrial myocytes.

  title={Cardiac function-related gene expression profiles in human atrial myocytes.},
  author={Ruri Ohki-Kaneda and Jun Ohashi and Keiji Yamamoto and Shuichi Ueno and Jun Ota and Young Lim Choi and Koji Koinuma and Yoshihiro Yamashita and Yoshio Misawa and Katsuo Fuse and Uichi Ikeda and Kazuyuki Shimada and Hiroyuki Mano},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={320 4},
To obtain insights into the molecular pathogenesis of heart failure in humans, we have analyzed the expression profiles of>12,000 genes in a total of 17 human specimens of right atrial myocytes. From this large data set, we here tried to identify gene clusters, expression level of which is correlated precisely with clinical parameter values of cardiac function. We could reveal that cardiac myocytes with normal sinus rhythm were clearly differentiated, in the point of view of gene expression… CONTINUE READING

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