Cardiac botryomycosis: an autopsy report.


Visceral botryomycosis is rare, and documented sites are lung, brain, kidney, liver and prostate. This report describes a rare autopsy case of disseminated visceral botryomycosis, with bulky, grape-like botryomycotic vegetations in the heart, and similar abscesses in the lungs and bone marrow. This is the first such report in the literature to the best of our knowledge.

DOI: 10.1136/jcp.2008.057588

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@article{Gupta2008CardiacBA, title={Cardiac botryomycosis: an autopsy report.}, author={Krishan Lal Gupta and Asit Das and Bishan Dass Radotra and Anil Kumar Bhalla}, journal={Journal of clinical pathology}, year={2008}, volume={61 8}, pages={972-4} }