Cardiac biplane strain imaging: initial in vivo experience.


In this study, first we propose a biplane strain imaging method using a commercial ultrasound system, yielding estimation of the strain in three orthogonal directions. Secondly, an animal model of a child's heart was introduced that is suitable to simulate congenital heart disease and was used to test the method in vivo. The proposed approach can serve as a… (More)
DOI: 10.1088/0031-9155/55/4/004


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@article{Lopata2010CardiacBS, title={Cardiac biplane strain imaging: initial in vivo experience.}, author={Richard G. P. Lopata and M. M. Nillesen and C N Verrijp and S. K. Singh and Mieke Lammens and Jeroen A W M van der Laak and Herbert B van Wetten and J. M. Thijssen and Linda R. Kapusta and C. L. de Korte}, journal={Physics in medicine and biology}, year={2010}, volume={55 4}, pages={963-79} }