Cardiac atrophy in women following bed rest.

  title={Cardiac atrophy in women following bed rest.},
  author={Todd A Dorfman and B. D. Levine and Tommy Tillery and Ronald M. Peshock and Jeff L Hastings and Suzanne Maria Schneider and Brandon Richard Macias and Gianni Biolo and Alan Robert Hargens},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={103 1},
Both chronic microgravity exposure and long-duration bed rest induce cardiac atrophy, which leads to reduced standing stroke volume and orthostatic intolerance. However, despite the fact that women appear to be more susceptible to postspaceflight presyncope and orthostatic hypotension than male astronauts, most previous high-resolution studies of cardiac morphology following microgravity have been performed only in men. Because female athletes have less physiological hypertrophy than male… CONTINUE READING