Cardiac and other malformations in parapagus twins

  title={Cardiac and other malformations in parapagus twins},
  author={T{\"u}rkan Tansel and Fehmi Yazıcıoğlu},
  journal={Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics},
Conjoined twins occur in one in 50–200,000 live births and approximately 75% of all cases are thoracopagus twins. Parapagus conjoined twins are rare and are not included in many review articles. The cardiovascular system of a male parapagus (dicephalus, tetrabrachius, dipus) conjoined twins was studied. Twin B had bilateral bilobed lungs and a normal heart, while bilateral trilobed lungs and right isomerism was found in twin A. They shared a diaphragm and an abdominal cavity. There were two… CONTINUE READING
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