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Card type microcomputerized safety autocontrol gasometer

  title={Card type microcomputerized safety autocontrol gasometer},
  author={梁先宇 and 梁先黄 and 梁先成 and 梁品芝 and 梁湘园 and 王爱莲 and 黄国英 and 任玲西 and 史寿智 and 姚俊亭 and 梁奕 and 梁双 and 梁超 and 梁越 and 史莉 and 姚立平 and 姚惠龄 and 姚慧敏},
The multifunctional automatic control device for gasometer or others, including gas, steam, water and watt-hour meters, is composed of data acquisition circuit, single-chip computer controller circuit, display circuit, safety alarm system, controller, read/write circuit for user card, keyboard, speech alarm, power loss protecting circuit and power supply. Said single-chip computer controller circuit is the connection and control center of other units. Its advantages include use of magnetic or… Expand