Carcinogenicity of nickel compounds in animals.

  title={Carcinogenicity of nickel compounds in animals.},
  author={F. William Sunderman},
  journal={IARC scientific publications},
A total of 18 nickel compounds were tested for carcinogenicity in male Fischer rats by a single i.m. injection at equivalent dosages (14 mg Ni/rat). Within two years, the following incidences of sarcomas occurred at the injection site: nickel subsulfide (alpha Ni3S2), 100%, crystalline nickel monosulfide (beta NiS), 100%; nickel ferrosulfide (Ni4FeS4), 100%; nickel oxide (NiO), 93%; nickel subselenide (Ni3Se2), 91%; nickel sulfarsenide (NiAsS), 88%; nickel disulfide (NiS2), 86%; nickel… CONTINUE READING