Carcinogenicity of formaldehyde and hydrogen chloride in rats.

  title={Carcinogenicity of formaldehyde and hydrogen chloride in rats.},
  author={Arthur R. Sellakumar and Carroll A. Snyder and Jerome J. Solomon and Roy E. Albert},
  journal={Toxicology and applied pharmacology},
  volume={81 3 Pt 1},
Previous studies in this laboratory have shown that the combined exposure of hydrogen chloride (HCI) and formaldehyde vapors (HCHO) elicited a significant incidence of nasal cancer in rats. In studies performed elsewhere, it has been demonstrated that exposure to formaldehyde alone induced a high nasal cancer response in rats. We wished to determine whether concurrent exposure of hydrogen chloride would enhance the tumorigenic effects of formaldehyde. Two exposure techniques were used. In one… CONTINUE READING

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