Carcinogenicity examination of betel nuts and piper betel leaves

  title={Carcinogenicity examination of betel nuts and piper betel leaves},
  author={H. Mori and Noriaki Matsubara and Y. Ushimaru and Iwao Hirono},
A dry powder of betel nuts, piper betel leaves and lime was administered to rats. Epidermal thickening was frequently observed in the upper digestive tracts of rats in groups fed the betel nut diet mixed with lime and the betel leaves diet, and a forestomach papilloma was seen in 1 rat given betel leaves diet. These epidermal changes were scarcely seen in rats given either betel nut or normal diet alone. 
Chemoprevention of mammary tumor virus-induced and chemical carcinogen-induced rodent mammary tumors by natural plant products
In the DMBA model of rat mammary tumorigenesis, administration of turmeric, catechin, and betel leaf extract resulted in decreased tumor burden and tumor incidence, and a delay in the onset of mammary tumors.
Comparison between Bacterial Species of Betel Leaf Chewers and Non-Chewers to Evaluate the Percentage of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Mouth: In Vivo and In Vitro
Betel leaf is cultivated as cash crop mostly in southern parts of India and is chewed as raw by a large proportion of Indian population. Antibiotic resistant microbe on betel leaf has led to ban on
Effect of Selected Biological and Non-Biological Agents on the Cytoproliferation in the Root Tip Cells of Allium Cepa
Recently many studies are directed towards substances which act somehow to induce apoptosis or prevent abnormal dividing of cells, which may provide therapeutic strategies for the treatment of
Molecular and cellular cues of diet-associated oral carcinogenesis--with an emphasis on areca-nut-induced oral cancer development.
An overview of where the field is in understanding potential oral carcinogenic factors stimulated OSCC tumorigenesis is given, especially those associated with areca nut chewing in Asians, aiming to provide future scope of possible interception.
Drug resistance in Giardia: Mechanisms and alternative treatments for Giardiasis.
The present chapter offers a comprehensive review of the current knowledge, including commonly prescribed drugs, causes of therapeutic failures, drug resistance mechanisms, strategies for the discovery of new agents and alternative drug therapies, and strategies to screen libraries of repurposed drugs and new pharmacophores.
Betel-quid and areca-nut chewing and some areca-nut derived nitrosamines.
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Experimental studies on betel nut and tobacco carcinogenicity
DMSO extract of a mixture of tobacco and betel nut positively increased the incidence of early malignant changes in the hamster cheek pouch, indicating the enhancing effect of betel Nut in carcinogenesis.
Carcinogenicity of some folk medicinal herbs in rats.
Twelve medicinal herbs were bioassayed to correlate a high incidence of esophageal carcinoma in natives of different places with their habitual consumption of these products. Outbred NIH Black rats
Carcinogenic Effect of a Dimethyl Sulphoxide Extract of Betel Nut on the Mucosa of the Hamster Buccal Pouch
It is found that repeated, topical applications of DMSO extracts of betel nut to the mucosa of the buccal pouch of hamsters result in the development of leukoplakia and tumours.
Factors influencing oral and oropharyngeal cancers in India.
The wide difference of their frequency in different parts of India demonstrates the variability of environmental factors with their direct or indirect carcinogenic influence on the human body that emerge as a problem of geographical pathology.
Evaluation of cancer risk in tobacco chewers and smokers: An epidemiologic assessment
It is revealing to find that the high risk sites involved in tobacco chewers appear to be the least affected in smokers, and vice versa.
Epithelial atypia in hamster cheek pouches treated repeatedly with calcium hydroxide.
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Betel, Tobacco, and Cancer of the Mouth
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