Carcinogenicity assessment of water-soluble nickel compounds.

  title={Carcinogenicity assessment of water-soluble nickel compounds.},
  author={Julie E. Goodman and Robyn L. Prueitt and David G Dodge and Sagar Thakali},
  journal={Critical reviews in toxicology},
  volume={39 5},
IARC is reassessing the human carcinogenicity of nickel compounds in 2009. To address the inconsistencies among results from studies of water-soluble nickel compounds, we conducted a weight-of-evidence analysis of the relevant epidemiological, toxicological, and carcinogenic mode-of-action data. We found the epidemiological evidence to be limited, in that some, but not all, data suggest that exposure to soluble nickel compounds leads to increased cancer risk in the presence of certain forms of… CONTINUE READING

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