• Medicine
  • Published 2010

Carcinogenic effects in liver tissue caused by DON and NOC

  title={Carcinogenic effects in liver tissue caused by DON and NOC},
  author={Xu Bing and R. China and Rika Chin},
OBJECTIVE:To oberserve the injury and potential carcinogenic effects of deoxynivalenol(DON) and n-nitrosocompounds(NOC) on the liver tissues of Kunming mice.METHODS:A total of 128 Kunming mice were equally randomized to four groups(32 each group).The mice were given DON,NOC through mouths:in the DON group,DON 0.5 mg/kg;in the NOC group,NOC 0.25 mg/kg;in the DON +NOC group,DON 0.5 mg/kg and NOC 0.25 mg/kg;in the control group,equal volume NS,two days a time.Sixty days later,the mice were killed… CONTINUE READING

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