Carcass characteristics of Neuquén Criollo kids in Patagonia region, Argentina.

  title={Carcass characteristics of Neuqu{\'e}n Criollo kids in Patagonia region, Argentina.},
  author={M Zimerman and Eva Domingo and M R Lanari},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={79 3},
Carcass characteristics of 336 kids from the Neuquén Criollo breed were evaluated. Two categories were taken into account: three months and 5 to 7 months kids. Live weight, carcass weights, measurement and indexes of 304 kids were calculated in a study done in a commercial slaughterhouse located in Chos Malal town. Thirty two carcass left sides were dissected into the major components: muscle, bone, fat and remaining tissues. Three months kids were compared with 5 to 7 months kids. The… CONTINUE READING