Carboxylic acids from hairpencils of male Amauris butterflies (Lep.: Danainae).

  title={Carboxylic acids from hairpencils of male Amauris butterflies (Lep.: Danainae).},
  author={Stefan Schulz and Wittko Francke and Michael Boppr{\'e}},
  journal={Biological chemistry Hoppe-Seyler},
  volume={369 8},
63 Carboxylic acids were identified from the male hairpencils of four species of the genus Amauris (Lep.: Danainae), namely A. echeria (Stoll), A. hecate (Butler), A. ochlea (Boisduval) and A. albimaculata Butler. Straight chain saturated as well as unsaturated carboxylic acids, some of which containing an additional oxygen function, contribute to the species-specificity of the odour bouquets. Oxygenated fatty acids form a new class of insect volatiles, 5 of the 10 ketoacids found represent new… CONTINUE READING


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