Carboxylate-bridged copper(II)-lanthanide(III) complexes [(Cu(3)Ln(2)(oda)(6)(H(2)O)(6)).12H(2)O](n)(Ln = Dy, Ho, Er, Y; oda = oxydiacetate).


The hydrothermal reaction of Ln(2)O(3) (Ln = Dy and Ho), Cu(OAc)(2).2H(2)O, and oxydiacetic acid in the approximate mole ratio of 1:3:8 resulted in the formation of two new members of the isostructural series of polymers formulated as [(Cu(3)Ln(2)(oda)(6)(H(2)O)(6)).12H(2)O](n), crystallizing in the hexagonal crystal system, space group P6/mcc (No. 192). Temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibilities and EPR spectra are reported for the heterometallic compounds Cu-Dy 1, Cu-Ho 2, Cu-Er 3, and Cu-Y 4. The results are discussed in terms of the structure of the compounds, the electronic properties of the lanthanide ions, and the exchange interactions between the magnetic ions.

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