Carboplatin-induced oxidative stress in rat cochlea.

  title={Carboplatin-induced oxidative stress in rat cochlea.},
  author={Kazim Husain and Craig A Whitworth and Satu M. Somani and Leonard P Rybak},
  journal={Hearing research},
  volume={159 1-2},
Carboplatin is currently being used in the clinic against a variety of human cancers. However, high dose carboplatin chemotherapy resulted in ototoxicity in cancer patients. This is the first study to show carboplatin-induced oxidative stress response in the cochlea of rat. Male Wistar rats were divided into two groups of six animals each and treated as follows: (1) control (normal saline, i.p.) and (2) carboplatin (256 mg/kg, i.p.). Animals in both groups were sedated with ketamine/xylazine… CONTINUE READING