Carbonic anhydrase histochemistry in rabbit and mouse kidneys.

  title={Carbonic anhydrase histochemistry in rabbit and mouse kidneys.},
  author={D C Dobyan and L S Magill and P. A. Friedman and Steven C. Hebert and Ruth Ellen Bulger},
  journal={The Anatomical record},
  volume={204 3},
The presence of carbonic anhydrase activity in rabbit and mouse kidneys was examined using a histochemical procedure with plastic embedded sections stained by the modified version of the cobalt-phosphate method (Hansson, 1967, 1968; Ridderstrale, 1976). Proximal convoluted tubules (S1 and S2 segments) in both species were strongly positive for carbonic anhydrase activity on the membranes of the luminal, lateral, and basal surfaces. The apical cytoplasm beneath the brush border and the nuclei… CONTINUE READING