Carbonatite-hosted niobium deposit at Aley, northern British Columbia (Canada): Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis

  title={Carbonatite-hosted niobium deposit at Aley, northern British Columbia (Canada): Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis},
  author={Anton R. Chakhmouradian and Ekaterina P. Reguir and R. D. Kressall and Jeremy Crozier and Laura K. Pisiak and Ravinder Sidhu and Panseok Yang},
  journal={Ore Geology Reviews},
Abstract The Aley Nb deposit in northern British Columbia, Canada, is hosted by metamorphosed calcite and dolomite carbonatites of anorogenic affinity emplaced in Lower Paleozoic sedimentary carbonate rocks in the Devonian. Primary Nb mineralization consists of pyrochlore (commonly comprising a U–Ta-rich and F-poor core) and ferrocolumbite developed as discrete crystals and replacement products after the pyrochlore. These phases and associated heavy minerals (apatite ± magnetite ± zircon… Expand
Geology and ore genesis of the carbonatite-associated Yangibana REE district, Gascoyne Province, Western Australia
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Altered rocks of the Onguren carbonatite complex in the Western Tansbaikal Region: Geochemistry and composition of accessory minerals
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Petrogenesis of Zr–Nb (REE) carbonatites from the Arbarastakh complex (Aldan Shield, Russia): Mineralogy and inclusion data
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Trace element and isotopic composition of apatite in carbonatites from the Blue River area (British Columbia, Canada) and mineralogy of associated silicate rocks
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Composition and origin of rare-metal (Nb–Ta, REE) and sulfide mineralization in magnesiocarbonatites from the Yenisei Ridge, Central Siberia
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Niobium Mineralogy of Pliocene A1-Type Granite of the Carpathian Back-Arc Basin, Central Europe
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Trace-element composition of minerals and rocks in the Belaya Zima carbonatite complex (Russia): Implications for the mechanisms of magma evolution and carbonatite formation
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Mineralogy and genesis of pyrochlore apatitite from The Good Hope Carbonatite, Ontario: A potential niobium deposit
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Ti-Nb Mineralization of Late Carbonatites and Role of Fluids in Its Formation: Petyayan-Vara Rare-Earth Carbonatites (Vuoriyarvi Massif, Russia)
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Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Triassic Carbonatites in the Matcha Alkaline Intrusive Complex (Turkestan-Alai Ridge, Kyrgyz Southern Tien Shan), SW Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Abstract Postorogenic intrusions of essexites and alkaline and nepheline syenites in the Turkestan-Alai segment of the Kyrgyz Southern Tien Shan coexist with dikes and veins of carbonatites dated atExpand


The Catalão I niobium deposit, central Brazil: Resources, geology and pyrochlore chemistry
Abstract The Catalao I alkaline–carbonatite–phoscorite complex contains both fresh rock and residual (weathering-related) niobium mineralization. The fresh rock niobium deposit consists of twoExpand
Postorogenic carbonatites at Eden Lake, Trans-Hudson Orogen (northern Manitoba, Canada): Geological setting, mineralogy and geochemistry
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Tantalum–(niobium–tin) mineralisation in African pegmatites and rare metal granites: Constraints from Ta–Nb oxide mineralogy, geochemistry and U–Pb geochronology
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Geochemistry of carbonatites in Maoniuping REE deposit, Sichuan Province, China
Carbonatites in the Maoniuping REE deposit, Sichuan Province, which are spatially and temporally associated with rare earth mineralization, were emplaced at the time of Himalayan. The rocks areExpand
The Chemistry of Niobium Mineralisation at Bayan Obo,Inner Mongolia,China:Constraints on the Hydrothermal Precipitation and Alteration of Nb-Minerals
As well as world class Fe and REE resources the Bayan Obo mineral deposits also hosts significant niobium resources (estimated as 2.2Mt Nb with an average grade of 0.13 weight % Nb). Niobium in thisExpand
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The 1.818 Ga magmatic, subsolvus, Madeira albite-rich granite of the Pitinga province, exploited at the Pitinga mine, in northern Brazil, crystallized from a F-rich melt, also enriched in Sn, Rb, andExpand
High-field-strength elements in carbonatitic rocks: Geochemistry, crystal chemistry and significance for constraining the sources of carbonatites
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The Himalayan collision zone carbonatites in western Sichuan, SW China: Petrogenesis, mantle source and tectonic implication
Abstract Major and trace element compositions, and Sr–Nd–Pb and O–C isotope data for Cenozoic carbonatites (WSC) in western Sichuan, east Tibet, China are presented in this paper. The WSC occur inExpand
A Special Orogenic‐type Rare Earth Element Deposit in Maoniuping, Sichuan, China: Geology and Geochemistry
: The Maoniuping REE deposit is the second largest light rare earth elements deposit in China, explored recently in the northern Jinpingshan Mountains, a Cenozoic intracontinental orogenic belt inExpand