Carbon stock and density of northern boreal and temperate forests

  title={Carbon stock and density of northern boreal and temperate forests},
  author={M. Thurner and C. Beer and M. Santoro and N. Carvalhais and T. Wutzler and D. Schepaschenko and A. Shvidenko and E. Kompter and B. Ahrens and S. Levick and C. Schmullius},
  journal={Global Ecology and Biogeography},
  • M. Thurner, C. Beer, +8 authors C. Schmullius
  • Published 2014
  • Environmental Science
  • Global Ecology and Biogeography
  • AIM: To infer a forest carbon density map at 0.010 resolution from a radar remote sensing product for the estimation of carbon stocks in Northern Hemisphere boreal and temperate forests. [...] Key Result While 40.7 +/- 15.7 petagram of carbon (PgC) are stored in BFT, TBMF and TCF contain 24.5 +/- 9.4 PgC and 14.5 +/- 4.8 PgC, respectively. In terms of carbon density, we found 6.21 +/- 2.07 kg C/m2 retained in TCF and 5.80 +/- 2.21 kg C/m2 in TBMF, whereas BFT have a mean carbon density of 4.00 +/-Expand Abstract
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