Carbon pools and flux of global forest ecosystems.

  title={Carbon pools and flux of global forest ecosystems.},
  author={R K Dixon and Allen M. Solomon and Sandra Brown and Richard A. Houghton and M C Trexier and Joe Wisniewski},
  volume={263 5144},
Forest systems cover more than 4.1 x 10(9) hectares of the Earth's land area. Globally, forest vegetation and soils contain about 1146 petagrams of carbon, with approximately 37 percent of this carbon in low-latitude forests, 14 percent in mid-latitudes, and 49 percent at high latitudes. Over two-thirds of the carbon in forest ecosystems is contained in soils and associated peat deposits. In 1990, deforestation in the low latitudes emitted 1.6 +/- 0.4 petagrams of carbon per year, whereas… CONTINUE READING
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