Carbon nanotube/polythiophene chemiresistive sensors for chemical warfare agents.

  title={Carbon nanotube/polythiophene chemiresistive sensors for chemical warfare agents.},
  author={Fei Wang and Hongwei Gu and Timothy M. Swager},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={130 16},
We report a chemiresistor that has been fabricated via simple spin-casting technique from stable CNT dispersion in hexafluoroisopropanol functionalized polythiophene. The sensor has shown high sensitivity and selectivity for a nerve reagent stimulant DMMP. A series of sensing studies, including field effect investigation, electrode passivation, and fluorescent measurement, indicate a combinative mechanism of charge transfer, introduction of scattering sites, and a configurational change of the… CONTINUE READING

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