Carbon monoxide poisoning associated with Narghile use

  title={Carbon monoxide poisoning associated with Narghile use},
  author={Umut Y{\"u}cel Çavuş and Zehra Hamiyet Rehber and O. Ozeke and Erdogan Ilkay},
  journal={Emergency Medicine Journal},
  pages={406 - 406}
The case history is presented of a healthy 25-year-old man who was admitted to hospital after two syncopal episodes caused by carbon monoxide poisoning after smoking narghile. Clinicians should be aware of this association when they evaluate syncope in the emergency department, especially in narghile users. 
Five Cases of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Due to Narghile (Shisha)
Narghile known in different names as shisha, hookah, hubble-bubble, waterpipe has been smoked widely in Middle East countries traditionally and recently began to spread to European countries and USA.
Carbon monoxide poisoning from waterpipe smoking: a retrospective cohort study
CO poisoning after waterpipe smoking may present in young adults with a wide variability of symptoms from none to unconsciousness, therefore diagnosis should be suspected even in the absence of symptoms.
Carbon monoxide poisoning in narghile (water pipe) tobacco smokers.
In light of the increasing popularity of narghile smoking, young patients presenting with unexplained confusion or nonspecific neurologic symptoms should be asked specifically about this exposure, followed by carboxyhemoglobin measurement.
[Carbon monoxide poisoning in active or passive shisha smokers].
Shisha use must be suspected in cases of CO poisoning, especially in adolescents and young adults, and Practitioners must help shisha users to stop their consumption.
Carbon monoxide poisoning following use of a water pipe/hookah.
This case series reveals that CO intoxication due to water-pipe smoking is probably more common than is generally realized and emergency room staff should be aware of this problem and inquire specifically about water- pipe smoking in patients with nonspecific neurological manifestations.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning as a Resultof an Open-Air Barbecue Activity
CO poisoning should also be kept in mind during the summer months when the authors meet a patient with a history of barbecue grilling, particularly associated with headache, nausea, fatigue and symptoms suggestive of acute viral syndrome.
Comparison between carbon monoxide poisoning from hookah smoking versus other sources
The incidence of hookah-related carbon monoxide toxicity appears to be increasing, and a substantial portion of patients with severe carbonmonoxide toxicity was exposed through smoking hookah.
Carbon Monoxide Toxicity after Lighting Coals at a Hookah Bar
This was the first case to identify the potential occupational exposure of employees working at hookah bars to CO, and the patient's COHb level was higher than any previously reported in the literature with exposure via hookah pipe.
Evaluation of Carboxyhemoglobin Levels in Water Pipe Smokers
Background: Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major public health problem. Carbon monoxide poisoning primarily results from fires and suicide attempts in developed countries. In contrast, in Turkey,
Acute and Chronic Carbon Monoxide Toxicity from Tobacco Smoking.
The chronic effects of CO may not be completely understood and future work could explore chronic CO toxicity and its effects on strength and exercise tolerance in military personnel and provide education to service members, veterans, and health care providers.


Carbon monoxide poisoning: how many patients do we miss?
CO exposure in patients was acute, accidental, and occurred during the winter months, and serious symptoms, such as syncope, occurred more often in patients having increased COHb levels, but normal COHB levels could not be used to rule out CO poisoning.
Measurement of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in narghile waterpipe tobacco smoke.
It was found that a single narghile smoking session delivers approximately 50 times the quantities of carcinogenic 4- and 5-membered ring PAHs as a single 1R4F cigarette smoked using the FTC protocol.
Charcoal emissions as a source of CO and carcinogenic PAH in mainstream narghile waterpipe smoke.
This investigation investigated the importance of charcoal as a toxicant source in the mainstream smoke, with particular attention to two well-known charcoal emissions: carbon monoxide and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).