Carbon dioxide output in the respiration of three Pisidium species (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae)

  title={Carbon dioxide output in the respiration of three Pisidium species (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae)},
  author={Ismo J. Holopainen and E. Ranta},
The carbon dioxide output in respiration of Pisidium casertanum, P. henslowanum and P. conventus was studied in the laboratory. A closedbottle method was used, and the amount of dissolved inorganic carbon was measured with an infrared gas analyser. The mean value of the constant b in equation R=aW b, where R is the respiration rate and W the ash-free dry weight of the animal, was ca. 0.75 in both the eurytherm P. casertanum and the cold-stenotherm P. conventus at five temperatures, but the… CONTINUE READING

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