Carbon constrains fungal endophyte assemblages along the timberline.

  title={Carbon constrains fungal endophyte assemblages along the timberline.},
  author={Teng Yang and Pamela B Weisenhorn and Jack A. Gilbert and Yingying Ni and Ruibo Sun and Haiyan Chu},
  journal={Environmental microbiology},
  volume={18 8},
The alpha diversity of foliar fungal endophytes (FEs) in leaves of Betula ermanii in a subalpine timberline ecotone on Changbai Mountain, China increased with elevation. There were also significant differences in beta diversity along the elevation gradient. Among the environmental variables analysed, leaf carbon significantly increased with elevation, and was the most significant environmental factor that constrained the alpha and beta diversity in the FE communities. Tree height and the… CONTINUE READING

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