Carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis of Pleistocene mammals from the Saltville Quarry ( Virginia , USA ) : Implications for trophic relationships

  title={Carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis of Pleistocene mammals from the Saltville Quarry ( Virginia , USA ) : Implications for trophic relationships},
  author={Christine A. M. France and Paula M. Zelanko and Alan Jay Kaufman and Thomas R. Holtz},
The late Rancholabrean (N10,000 years ago) Saltville Quarry in Virginia, USA preserves a community of basal herbivores, including several families of giant mammals, representing a range of potential feeding strategies (browsers versus grazers) and digestive mechanisms (ruminants versus non-ruminants). In this study, carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis of well-preserved bone collagen from a variety of body elements was used to determine the trophic relationships among these herbivores. A range… CONTINUE READING


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