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Carbon Nanotube Spectrally Selective Solar Thermal Absorbers

  title={Carbon Nanotube Spectrally Selective Solar Thermal Absorbers},
  author={Zhonghua Chen},
Angle Dependent Reflectance and Performance of Solar Cells and Absorbers
In this thesis, the reflectance was measured for angles from 10◦ to 80◦ for different n-type silicon based solar cells and for solar absorbers. The measurements were done with unpolarized, p


Coil-coating paints for solar collector panels—II. FT-IR spectroscopic investigations
Abstract A solar collector panel produced from aluminium foil (0.25 mm) coated with a 2–3 μm thin film of black paint is described and characterized. The paint coating on aluminium possesses moderate
Bimetallic Au–Cu, Au–Ni catalysts supported on MWCNTs for oxy-steam reforming of methanol
Abstract This paper interrogates for the first time the catalytic properties of bimetallic Au–Cu/MWCNTs and Au–Ni/MWCNTs catalysts in oxy-steam reforming of methanol. X-ray diffraction (XRD),
Carbon nanotubes from synthesis to in vivo biomedical applications.
A comprehensive account about the potential biomedical applications of carbon nanotube based systems and their types, properties, methods of synthesis, large scale production method, purification techniques and characterization aspects are given.
Characterization of transferred vertically aligned carbon nanotubes arrays as thermal interface materials
Abstract In this study, a solder-carbon nanotube composite thermal interface material (TIM) was fabricated using vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNTs). The constructed TIM consisted of
Electrophoretically deposited carbon nanotube spectrally selective solar absorbers
Embargo of 24 months from date of publishing on accepted manuscript version. Link to publisher's version: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.solmat.2015.10.016 Accepted manuscript version is licensed CC
Nanoparticles Ni electroplating and black paint for solar collector applications
Abstract A nanoparticles layer of bright nickel base was deposited on copper substrates using electrodeposition technique before spraying the paint. IR reflectance of the paint was found to be around
Optical spectra of zigzag carbon nanotubes
Abstract Density functional theory was used to calculate optical properties of (4, 0) and (8, 0) zigzag carbon nanotubes. The optical spectra such as dielectric function, optical conductivity and
Synthesis and optical characterization of carbon nanotube arrays
Abstract Catalyst annealing time and growth pressure play a crucial role in the chiral selective and high-efficiency growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) during low pressure chemical
Synthesis and utilization of carbon nanotubes for fabrication of electrochemical biosensors
Abstract This review summarizes the most recent contributions in the fabrication of carbon nanotubes-based electrochemical biosensors in recent years. It discusses the synthesis and application of
Angular solar absorptance and thermal stability of Mo–SiO2 double cermet solar selective absorber coating
Abstract In this paper, the angular solar absorptance of Mo–SiO 2 double cermet solar selective absorber coating was simulated based on the deduced optical constants and calculated from measured