Carbon‐doped p‐type (0001) plane AlGaN (Al = 6–55%) with high hole density

  title={Carbon‐doped p‐type (0001) plane AlGaN (Al = 6–55%) with high hole density},
  author={Hidenori Kawanishi and Tatsuya Tomizawa},
In this paper, promising experimental results for the p-type electrical properties of carbon-doped (C-doped) AlGaN are discussed. P-type conductivity was experimentally achieved in C-doped (0001) plane AlGaN layers with from a small amount to 55% solid Al composition, but not in (0001) plane GaN. The maximum free hole density (determined by van der Pauw geometry-Hall effect measurement) achieved for an AlGaN layer with 10% solid Al composition was p = 3.2 × 1018 cm−3. The maximum net ionized… CONTINUE READING