Carbohydrate-rich foods: glycaemic indices and the effect of constituent macronutrients.

  title={Carbohydrate-rich foods: glycaemic indices and the effect of constituent macronutrients.},
  author={Rahal D Widanagamage and Sagarika Ekanayake and Jayantha Welihinda},
  journal={International journal of food sciences and nutrition},
  volume={60 Suppl 4},
The glycaemic index (GI) ranks foods according to their acute glycaemic impact and is used in planning meals for patients invoking glycaemic control through diet. Kurakkan (Eleusine coracana) flour roti, rice flour roti, atta flour roti, boiled breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis/Artocarpus communis) and boiled legumes (mungbean, cowpea and chickpea) were categorized as low-GI foods (relative to white bread; Prima Crust Top), and the corresponding GI (+/- standard error of the mean) values were 70… CONTINUE READING


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