Carbohydrate recognition by boronolectins, small molecules, and lectins.

  title={Carbohydrate recognition by boronolectins, small molecules, and lectins.},
  author={Shan Jin and Yunfeng Cheng and Suazette Reid and Minyong Li and Binghe Wang},
  journal={Medicinal research reviews},
  volume={30 2},
Carbohydrates are known to mediate a large number of biological and pathological events. Small and macromolecules capable of carbohydrate recognition have great potentials as research tools, diagnostics, vectors for targeted delivery of therapeutic and imaging agents, and therapeutic agents. However, this potential is far from being realized. One key issue is the difficulty in the development of "binders" capable of specific recognition of carbohydrates of biological relevance. This review… CONTINUE READING