Carbohydrate fermentation by Clostridium difficile.


Biochemical properties of Clostridium difficile were reinvestigated for the practical identification of the organism in clinical laboratories. Bacterial growth in 2% proteose peptone medium supplemented with 0.01% L-cysteine.HCl and 0.1% agar supported sufficient growth to read the fermentation results just as well as did pre-reduced anaerobically sterilized medium. Incubation for 2 days was long enough for determining the ability to ferment fructose, glucose, mannitol, mannose, melezitose, and sorbitol. All of the 82 strains liquefied 2% but not 10% gelatin. The significance of mannitol fermentation and gelatin liquefaction is stressed since C. difficile is the only species fermenting mannitol among the gelatin-liquefying species of clostridia having subterminal spores.

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