Carbohydrate drinks and cycling performance.

  title={Carbohydrate drinks and cycling performance.},
  author={David W Bacharach and Serge Petelin von Duvillard and Kenneth William Rundell and Jia Meng and M R Cring and Leon Szmedra and Julie Castle},
  journal={The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness},
  volume={34 2},
We compared the effects of similarly tasting orange flavored drinks containing 0% (P), 6.4% (E1), and 10% (E2) carbohydrate (CHO) using 12 well-trained cyclists (VO2max = 5.0 l/min-1) on metabolic responses to exercise (EX) and a sprint type performance ride (PR). Each subject completed 3 separate 2 h EX bouts at 65% VO2max followed by a PR identified as the time in sec to complete 500 revolutions at a constant belt resistance of 29.4 N (ANOVA*). The CHO feedings or placebo of 3 ml/kg body… CONTINUE READING


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