Carbohydrate binding properties of th Dolichos biflorus lectin and its subunits.

  title={Carbohydrate binding properties of th Dolichos biflorus lectin and its subunits.},
  author={Marilynn E. Etzler and Sona Gupta and Carl A. K. Borrebaeck},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={256 5},
Equilibrium dialysis studies on the binding of the Dolichos biflorus lectin with [14C]methyl alpha-D-GalNAc showed that the lectin has two combining sites/molecule and an intrinsic association constant at 3 degrees C of 4.2 X 10(3) liters mol-1. Binding studies on individual fractions (II, IV, and VII) of the lectin that differ in their chromatographic properties on concanavalin A-Sepharose gave association constants for methyl alpha-D-GalNAc of 2.2 X 10(3) liters mol-1, 3.2 X 10(3) liters mol… CONTINUE READING


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