Carbohydrate-binding molecules inhibit viral fusion and entry by crosslinking membrane glycoproteins

  title={Carbohydrate-binding molecules inhibit viral fusion and entry by crosslinking membrane glycoproteins},
  author={Eugenia Leikina and Helene Delanoe-Ayari and Kamran Melikov and M W Cho and Andrew X. Chen and Alan J. Waring and Wei Wang and Yongming Xie and Joseph A Loo and Robert I. Lehrer and Leonid V. Chernomordik},
  journal={Nature Immunology},
Defensins are peptides that protect the host against microorganisms. Here we show that the θ-defensin retrocyclin 2 (RC2) inhibited influenza virus infection by blocking membrane fusion mediated by the viral hemagglutinin. RC2 was effective even after hemagglutinin attained a fusogenic conformation or had induced membrane hemifusion. RC2, a multivalent lectin, prevented hemagglutinin-mediated fusion by erecting a network of crosslinked and immobilized surface glycoproteins. RC2 also inhibited… CONTINUE READING


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Activity of a- and y-defensins against primary isolates of HIV-1

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