Carbohydrate-based species recognition in sea urchin fertilization: another avenue for speciation?

  title={Carbohydrate-based species recognition in sea urchin fertilization: another avenue for speciation?},
  author={Christiane H. Biermann and Jessica A Marks and Ana-Cristina E. S. Vilela-Silva and Michelle O. Castro and Paulo A. S. Mour{\~a}o},
  journal={Evolution & development},
  volume={6 5},
Spawning marine invertebrates are excellent models for studying fertilization and reproductive isolating mechanisms. To identify variation in the major steps in sea urchin gamete recognition, we studied sperm activation in three closely related sympatric Strongylocentrotus species. Sperm undergo acrosomal exocytosis upon contact with sulfated polysaccharides in the egg-jelly coat. This acrosome reaction exposes the protein bindin and is therefore a precondition for sperm binding to the egg. We… CONTINUE READING


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