Carbamazepine Intoxication Unresponsive to Continuous Venovenous Hemodiafiltration


s: Carbamazepine (CBZ) intoxication can be associated with severe toxicity. Highly protein-bounded, CBZ is not removed efficiently through conventional hemodialysis. we observed that serum CBZ level was decreased minimally by albumin-enhanced CVVHDF with low dialysate flow. Therefore, albumin-enhanced CVVHDF with high dialysate flow should be considered in… (More)


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@inproceedings{Kim2015CarbamazepineIU, title={Carbamazepine Intoxication Unresponsive to Continuous Venovenous Hemodiafiltration}, author={Woojeong Kim and Hyungwook Kim and Hee Sun Chung and Ki Tae Bang and Jong Ho Shin and Jin Uk Jeong and Kyung Eun Jung}, year={2015} }