Carbamazepine: effect on IgG subclasses in epileptic patients.

  title={Carbamazepine: effect on IgG subclasses in epileptic patients.},
  author={Nils Erik Gilhus and Traven Lea},
  volume={29 3},
IgG subclass concentrations were determined in sera from 20 epileptic patients before carbamazepine therapy and after 6 weeks of treatment. Subclass-specific monoclonal antibodies were used in an ELISA technique. Carbamazepine reduced the IgG2 concentration in 13 patients, and the mean value fell from 3.21 to 2.47 g/L during the carbamazepine treatment (p less than 0.01). This IgG2 decrease was maintained after 4 and 12 months of carbamazepine therapy. IgG1, IgG3, and IgG4 concentrations did… CONTINUE READING

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